Show Me Healthy Love

Everyone, regardless of who they love, deserves to be in a happy, healthy, vibrant relationship.

Photo of couple with healthy relationship

Photo by Gary Jenkins

We as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people are often told that we deserve less, that the relationships we’re in is all we’ll get, or that a little abuse is part of deal. We often stay in these relationships and take it.

We don’t need to do or believe this! We can demand HEALTHY love from our dates, lovers, and partners. We can proudly say “Show me Love!” We ALL deserve it!

Curious about the difference between healthy and unhealthy love?

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In a relationship?

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In a healthy relationship you want to make even better?

Here are some suggested conversation topics to grow your healthy love.

Do you have a friend who you think might be in an unhealthy relationship?

Check out these suggestions for how to help a friend.

Want to know more about abuse in LGBTQ relationships?

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A note about “ABUSE.”

Abusive relationships aren’t just relationships where there is physical or sexual violence. They can also be ones where one partner controls the other economically (taking your money, getting you fired from your job) or emotionally (isolating you from friends or family, threatening to “out” you, humiliating you).