Influence And Benefits Of Pets On People’s Lives

Some people still don’t believe it, but there is a big influence of pets on people’s lives (and self-esteem !). Currently there is work done with animals, also as a form of therapy, where the goal is for animals to bring comfort and affection to sick people.

It is a fact that living with docile animals brings joy and well-being, and living together is always pleasant and comforting.

Pets are capable of transmitting the feeling of well-being by being affectionate and caring for the people around them, in a pure and sincere way. Our brain is able to recognize a sincere gesture and, therefore, the benefits of this coexistence are always very positive.

Is it advisable, then, to have a pet?

For those who like it, yes. There are no harms and, therefore, it is able to generate daily comfort for patients who are in more complicated situations, also as a form of company.

The psychologists note in practice that those patients who have a pet, always lay much of their improvements furry companion, and the reasons are many.

With your pet you can:

Walk in the park;

Take the afternoon nap;

Warm your feet in the cold;

Teach / train (dogs – more than cats – learn very fast!);

Therefore, psychology supports living with pets, for the benefit of both the animal and the owner, after all, well-being is reciprocal.

Nowadays anyone who thinks about having a pet just as a synonym for well-being, taking them for a walk, talking with neighbors, etc., doesn’t really know that dedicating part of their time to beloved pets goes far beyond standards and fashions of our society.

Certainly, there are many benefits that make the person’s life a leap in the quality of life, with your pet, and of course, also for your best friend. According to psychologists, the benefits of well-being are immense.

Although research has already been carried out and its results published, many people still do not know what the benefits of pets are for mental health. Read the text and check out the main benefits of pets.

Having a pet also stimulates the brain’s limbic system, linked to emotions. In the same way that animals strengthen bonds of unconditional affection, this relationship generates more self-esteem , making the person have another way of dealing with themselves and starting to like themselves. Remember, animals do not judge our actions, so this self-esteem tends to be effective in individual treatment.

3. Decreases stress and depression

The name itself says: pet, that is, it is a being to be in a relationship of affection and affection, to be esteemed by someone. This in itself already automatically establishes a direct correlation with our state of depression or anxiety and stress .

The symptoms of both are related to isolation, lack of initiative, loss of self-love and with others. It is proven that a time per day dedicated to your pet is equivalent to a good treatment based on medicines.

4. Gives motivation and social life

The stimulation created by the routine of taking a walk, or providing recreational games makes social life more pleasurable than seclusion. This is also one of the great benefits of pets.

The reheating of social life is an important part of mental health. The new friendships and the whole link with the social tends to be very beneficial. The person becomes much more communicative and sociable than before.

5. Creates responsibility

Keeping a pet will create a sense of responsibility towards him, since it will be necessary to have a daily routine of feeding, care, hygiene, taking with him to do his exercises, etc. And that for people who have depression is excellent and healthy.

In a way, he becomes dependent on the owner and this generates a commitment that becomes an ideal. People who have problems with tasks and disciplines will be highly benefited because these charges make the person weigh in the balance the relationship of guilt and care for others.

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