I'm lesbian. I'm gay. I'm bisexual. I'm transgender. I'm queer.
My relationships should be safe & healthy. Show me love - I deserve it.

Show Me Love DC! is a campaign to raise awareness about healthy relationships and provide resources for LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner violence.

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LGBTQ domestic violence is a big problem in DC. More than ¾ of the cases handled by the GLUU are DV related.
[lang_en-us]Interview with Sgt. Brett Parsons, then director of the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit, July 28, 2006.[/lang_en-us][lang_es] Entrevista al Sargento Brett Parsons, entonces Director de la Unidad de Apoyo Lésbico Gay, 28 de Julio, 2006[/lang_es]
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